Ethereum Merkle Patricia Trie

Ethereum store address state, contract state, transaction and receipt in key-value mapping but structured by merkle patricia trie structure. There are 3 tries in block header, name Transaction Trie, Receipt Trie and State Trie respectively, each record with their own root hash of trie.

Some benefits of using merkle patricia trie:
  • Data Consistency / Verification.
  • Merkle Trie proofs are computationally easy and fast.
  • Merkle Trie proofs require only a small chunks of data to be broadcasted across a network.
Source code available at here.

Check Match To TransactionRoot

How To Check
For this example, i pick Block#10593417, get `transactionRoot` from api response and fill in `TransactionRoot (HEX)` field. Next, there are 4 txes in the block, find their raw Tx by navigating to [1], [2], [3] & [4] and fill them line by line in `List Of Raw Tx` field.

Verify Merkle Proofs

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